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Infrastructures such as bridges, tunnels, buildings, tunnels, sewer and water systems require continuous and regular monitoring in order to prevent possible breakdowns, anomalies and/or damage and to ensure safety during the phases of both construction and management and control of these infrastructures.

Today, thanks to the Internet of Things and sensors installed on vital points of the civil structures themselves, monitoring can also be done remotely. The data and information collected through these devices make it possible to analyze and assess the health of the structure and make timely decisions on restoration or recovery intervention strategies, planning maintenance activities in a predictive and preventive way. 

Not surprisingly, in the Italian context, more and more technological-innovative solutions are emerging to support, on the one hand, the assessment of static, structural, seismic or hydrogeological risks and, on the other hand, the restoration, improvement and adaptation of the state-of-the-art.

How, then, can sensors and IoT technology make a difference? What platforms are available in the market? 

For smart monitoring: Sensoworks' solution

Sensoworks is a platform that integrates IoT devices into corporate or cloud systems for remote management and control of complex infrastructure systems.

By collecting, monitoring and interpreting data, from any sensor installed on civil infrastructure and on the ground, there is an opportunity to perform simplified integration of all information and assess the need for preventive and predictive maintenance of the infrastructure itself.

Sensoworks - thanks to its customizable, dynamic and responsive dashboard - collects data from every device and asset and enables the visualization of the 3D BIM model of the monitored structure and the geo-referenced layer of the monitoring sensors installed on the infrastructure. In addition, it allows interactive display of the status of the sensors themselves and the chart trend of the several monitored quantities. 

To summarize, the platform thus enables:

Lastly, it is:

The cases of Sensoworks intervention

In what ways does Sensoworks intervene? What can be monitored? There are several application cases of the platform. Specifically:

The use of Sensoworks involves monitoring the structural integrity of buildings close to demolition, excavation, and construction of new buildings. Specifically, structural monitoring involves measuring static deformations (i.e., inclinations, deflections, stretching/shortening) and dynamic stresses (accelerations) on pre-existing structures and bulkhead piles along the perimeter of the excavation.

Sensoworks monitors the structural integrity of bridges and highway overpasses. Structural monitoring usually involves measuring and checking static deck inclinations, bridge girder deflection measurements, and dynamic modal parameters.

Sensoworks intervenes both during the monitoring and control of tunnels and during construction. In the first case, it allows real-time monitoring of convergence, deformations and general health of the infrastructure. In the second, however, it monitors the construction work itself of the underground tunnels used on city underpasses. 

Data can be acquired from sensors distributed and installed along the pipelines in cities. Using these sensors, Sensoworks can measure the vertical and horizontal deformations of pipes, the level, speed and volume of flows in the sewer system, and check for anomalies due to parasitic seepage from outside. All data are indexed, and through special dashboards, interpretation is facilitated.

Sensoworks' platform is used for analysis, control and monitoring of water leaks, pumping optimization, predictive maintenance of the water network with optimization of the required field teams, receiving alerts in case of timely and preventive intervention in case of failures, and, finally, digitization of assets for adoption of European regulations.

To learn more about the topic download our white paper by clicking the image below or contact Eleonora, Head of Business Development here. You will learn about our solutions for intelligent monitoring of bridges, tunnels, construction sites, buildings, wind turbines and all those infrastructures that need maintenance and monitoring. 

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