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Smart Building

Lazio Innova
the client

Lazio Innova

Lazio Innova, an in-house company of the Lazio Region and owned, with a minority stake, by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, is the result of the reorganization process of Lazio Region companies dedicated to innovation, credit, and economic development provided for by Regional Law No. 10/2013.

Lazio Innova operates for the benefit of businesses and local government: in the provision of incentives from regional, national, and/or European resources; in credit support and the issuance of guarantees; in venture capital interventions; in services for internationalization, promotion of business networks and regional excellence; in services for business start-ups and development and measures for social inclusion.

the challenge

Realization of an innovative system for the construction of modular wooden buildings (ePOP House) integrated with a smart platform for optimized energy management and a BIM (Building Information Modeling) system for digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of building components.

  • Data acquisition from sensors

Each modular building (ePOP House) involves the installation of different types of sensors such as light level, temperature, humidity, air quality, structural vibration, subsidence, displacement, and rotation of the structure. The collection of all these data is centralized in a single real-timing platform that sends implementation commands such as increasing or decreasing temperature, or closing window shutters completely or partially.

  • Event and alarm management (monitoring)

As such, the goal is to centralize events and alarms received from each modular building to take timely action automatically or manually for resolution. The client operates several buildings, and the need to have centralized event management becomes paramount. Another key purpose is the monitoring of lighting, heating, and air conditioning systems, in addition to structural and seismic monitoring, of the individual building and the sensors connected to it to ensure continuity of service.

  • Building Information Modeling

Access information about building materials, systems, structure, and operating information of each building through the BIM model, georeferenced and navigable by realizing the digital twin.

the solution

Integrated management of multiple ePOP House buildings within Sensoworks IIoT Platform. Thanks to the platform's auto-provisioning feature, the client is able, for each new building, to automatically register all installed sensors and acquire real-time telemetry data. Each building is monitored in real time and the information can be accessed through dashboards or directly on the georeferenced BIM model.

For each building, it is possible to access master information, data sheets, maintenance work performed, and any events/alarms that have occurred over time or are active at that time.

Optimization of maintenance activities for each building or group of buildings. Allows the customer to manage maintenance interventions by scheduling them according to the maintenance status of the individual building. Based on the telemetry data acquired from each ePOP House and based on the interventions performed previously, the Sensoworks IIoT Platform schedules maintenance interventions highlighting to the customer the best period to perform the intervention.

Building automation for each building it is possible to configure automatic actions upon the occurrence of certain events such as gas leakage, fire, or light level improving the livability of the rooms and in some cases ensuring the safety of people inside the ePOP Houses.

the improvement

By adopting the Sensoworks IIoT Platform, the client can ensure such a paramount aspect as safety. Thanks to the platform's notification and alarm system, predictive actions can be taken on probable failures and risks, preventing them and increasing the timeliness of intervention. Security also brings economic benefits as it reduces operating costs regarding possible internal plant maintenance and replacement.

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