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Sensoworks Edge allows bringing data analysis and management to the edge, where the data is created.
It seamlessly synchronising with the Sensoworks IoT Platform or third party solutions depending on your business needs.


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Sub-millisecond real-time data acquisition

Execution of implementation commands

Remote management and configuration of connected devices and the Edge itself (FOTA)

Integration with third-party IoT platforms via REST API or data streaming.

Event and alarm management (anomaly detection)

Real-time analysis of acquired data

Deployment of tinyML (federated learning) algorithms or ML

SDK for extending functionality (NorthBound, core services and SouthBound

Autonomous yet cooperative.

The sensoworks platform is tailored for the sensoworks edge solution.

However, we want to be as flexible as possible, allowing you to choose other existing platforms such as amazon, azure, google and others so that you can use our sensoworks edge solution to power them.

North Bound

Set of connectors and protocols required for communication with third-party applications such as other iot platforms (aws, microsoft azure, google cloud. The edge component is to be considered "stand alone" talks with any iot platform supports The mqtt/s, http/s, s/ftp protocols.

South Bound

set of low-level protocols for acquiring data from devices and dialoguing with them with respect to remotely configuring them rather than sending commands (actuation). Includes MQTT/s, http/s, modbus, opc-ua, tcp-ip, s/ftp protocols.


Is the administration console: configuration, management, deployment.


is the monitoring console for the Edge component and the devices connected to it.

Core Service

is the set of core services supported by the edge component for pre-processing (filtering, classification), processing (conversions, mathematical calculations, tiny machine learning), event management (alarms, anomalies, events), and data caching in the absence of connectivity with north-bound connected applications. All services follow the "pluggable" logic of a micro-service architecture.

Technology that fits your size.

The sensoworks platform is tailored for the sensoworks edge solution.

The distributed architecture enables widespread deployment of the edge component from embedded systems (pico) through systems with micro controllers (nano) to linux-based systems with low-power cpu. You can choose from the different Bee, Colibri or Squirrel solutions depending on your needs. All guarantee low-latency, low-power processing.

project bee

project colibrì


project squirrel


Fast. Reliable. Secure.


Edge computing with peer to peer interactions in order to enable the end user devices to communicate with each other and share computations.

Efficient and robust

Depending on the use-case and deployed hardware, a single edge can handle up to thousand of devices by guaranteeing sub-milliseconds acquisition.


Messanges and events are collected in a persistence layer. Raw data could be transferred to the cloud, if required. Persistence layer guarantees data storage in case of no network connection is available and push data once connection has been restored.


Connection to devices (SouthBound) and platform (NorthBound) is encrypted. Edge gateway needs to be trusted by platform to send data.

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