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The innovative end-to-end software solution for intelligent monitoring.

Sensoworks enables comprehensive information from complex and integrated data.

Information to support real-time monitoring, control and predictive maintenance of large infrastructure for civil use, also applicable to circular city services.
The solution for securing your infrastructure. For everyone.


The complete solution for infrastructure monitoring.

Analytics, reports, events, BIM, GIS, OMA in one solution.

Continuous, integrated monitoring for everyone.
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Data management and decision-making are decentralized.

Processing, predicting anomalies, and intervening remotely by implementing commands has never been easier.

On edge, it gets better: it means low latency, flexibility, and integration with existing platforms by leveraging present connectivity.
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It reads Dynamic Monitoring, it says Security for All.

Our strengths

edge computing
Data analysis
Anomaly detection
predictive maintenance
customized reports
automatic actions

Sensoworks, supports decision-making process via valuable data, and helps those companies which are managing the big infrastructures in controlling, monitoring and intervene right on time.

We guarantee:

Security for everyone thanks continous monitoring and control of critical infrastructure.
Optimization of maintenance plan through predictive maintenance capabilities.
Secure, simple, reliable integration with your IT ecosystem. Rest API or data streaming, it’s up to you.
Data analysis and learning. Exceed static thresholds by analysing the behaviour.

Here's where Sensoworks can be useful.

infrastructure monitoring
water system
building automation
waste management
smart parking
asset management
energy industry
cyber security (OT)
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Press News II-2022: Emergenza idrica, ecco il White Paper Sensoworks

Deliberato lo stato di emergenza: nei nostri capoluoghi ogni anno vanno sprecati 42 metri cubi di acqua per ogni chilometro di rete. L’EMERGENZA IDRICA AVANZA: CON IL MONITORAGGIO DINAMICO SI RIDURREBBERO PERDITE E SPRECHI, ECCO IL WHITE PAPER DI SENSOWORKS Il Consiglio dei Ministri ha deliberato lo stato di emergenza, fino al 31 dicembre 2022, […]
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Waste management: facciamo il punto

Il Waste Management assume sempre più un fattore critico delle moderne Smart City, sempre più popolate e sempre più connesse. Sensoworks, ha progettato una soluzione ad hoc per il waste management che di fatto è sempre più l’elemento cardine delle moderne Smart City al fine di renderle più vivibili e più sostenibili. Scopriamo nel dettaglio […]
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Waste management: taking stock

Waste Management increasingly assumes a critical factor of modern Smart Cities, increasingly population and increasingly connected objects. Sensoworks has designed an ad hoc solution for waste management that in fact is increasingly the key element of modern Smart Cities in order to make them more livable and more sustainable. Let's discover in detail the multi-sensor […]
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