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Smart Cities are cities in which connections and services become more efficient thanks to digital and telecommunication technologies, so as to benefit residents and businesses.

This, according to the European Commission which took the lead in the tech transformation of the Union and its cities.

The adoption of information and telecommunication technologies (ICT) has consequences in various fields, categorized as follows by the University of Vienna:

This wide, although precise, classification helps us understand how diverse the goals of future cities will be.

New mobility, less impactful water and electricity supply, waste management efficiency, reactive and digital management, safety for citizens and those in need are just some of the goals.

Sensoworks already contributed to the debate and proposed multiple solutions to improve the life quality of our cities. Thus, the focus of this article will be Smart Mobility.


The main aim of Smart Mobility is to put forward innovative solutions for urban travel within the city. Indeed, decreasing traffic and allowing for flexible, safe, convenient, and green routes are the keys to improve the quality of life.

We can achieve these models by improving both the transport means and the infrastructure we already have.

Flexibility and efficiency are two of the main features of new mobility. For instance, travelers have to have the possibility to choose the best route each time according to their itinerary, to access the route easily, and to reach their destination in the shortest time possible.

Moreover, travelers must be ensured with a safe journey with reliable means and adequate infrastructure, such as bike lanes, charging stations, road signs, and ad-hoc paths designed for micromobility - also thanks to mobility companies, as in the case of Lime.


The plan is the green development of mobility.

Kick scooters, electric bikes and scooters are increasingly common in cities, together with car sharing, the pioneer service in the industry.

All these tools aim to reduce emissions and pollution both with a decrease in the use of fuel and in urban traffic.

smart mobility dati osservatorio carsharing

Infographics by the Italian National Observatory of Sharing Mobility

Moreover, they cause other benefits, direct and indirect: the cost of sharing is definitely lower, both from an economic and a quality of life perspective. In the main European cities, indeed, citizens take 30-40% more time than what is actually needed to get to their destination. Estimates say that this extra time costs 1% of the EU GDP, that is 100 billion euros, annually.

To reduce traveling time means to reduce pollution and stress and to increase productivity with benefits at a local, national, and community level.


The growth of smart mobility doesn’t only apply to how citizens travel, but also to the management, integration, and safety of citizens, through the development and monitoring of the infrastructural grid connected to mobility.

In particular, the management of fleets of vehicles is a fundamental component to improve urban services.

Safer vehicles and a consatant monitoring of all their components guarantee better performance and increased efficiency. Just as the integration of different transport methods.

By improving essential urban centres, such as stations, parking lots, schools, and offices we can design a mobility focused on micro journeys.

Lastly, the adoption of new V2I methodologies (“vehicle to infrastructure”), instead, allows us a 360° vision of the city’s road grid.

This deals with the installation of sensors on the main road junctions to notify drivers about traffic or weather conditions, but also to help them understand whether they parked properly their vehicle or whether road lights in a certain section of the road are working or not.

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